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Freehub Body: Shimano 12sp

Rainy days, wet soil, rocks and roots. The tubeless tires somehow find grip. The M 1700 SPLINE 25 gets delivered with tubeless rim tape and valves, just the right tool for demanding trails. The wide rim gives the tire that decisive little bit more support while the Ratchet System freewheel ensures safe engagements even in the most averse conditions. Finally, being a lightweight helps you to quickly get back up to that trail entrance, to start the slip and grip fest all over again.

Rim diameter: 29"
Material: Aluminum
Inner width: 25 mm
Outer width: 30 mm
Rim type: Clincher
Hub type: 350
Brake interface: Disc Center Lock
Spokes: DT competition® straightpull
Spoke pattern: 3-cross (1:1)
Nipples: DT ProLock Squorx ProHead alu
Axle system: Front 15 mm Thru axle / Rear 12 mm
Built-in dimension: Front 110 mm / Rear 148 mm
Weight: about 1620 g

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