Ducati 230 SX

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Produktinformationen "Ducati 230 SX"
Lenker: TEC Obvius flat top, width 680mm, Ø31,8mm, 5° backsweep, DB Alloy 6061 shiny sandblast anodized w/glossy black graphics, HB-FB21L
Vorbau: TEC Obvius +/-7°, 1,1/8 x Ø31.8mm, 80mm for 15,17" and 90mm for 19-21", 3D forged alloy 6061 anodized (shiny) sandblasted w/Glossy Black Graphics, AS-TEC3
Reifen: Small Block Eight - 27,5x2.10, DTC compound, 30Tpi, wire, ETRTO 54-584
Laufradsatz: MD17, 584x17c, pin joint, 32h, anodized, no eyelet, Presta valve hole, dark grey decals with Alexrims logo dark grey
Sattelstütze: TEC Obvius, lenght 350mm, Ø31,6mm, 15mm seatback, alloy 6061-T6 sandblasted w/glossy black graphics, SP-620
Sattel: Era Start, steel rail, cover SYNTEX, lenght 277mm x width 135mm, black matt cover w/ glossy black graphics (800CNRS00053)
Lenkerband/Griffe: TEC Cardo, double density lightweight, w/TEC logo, C-logo on end plugs (VLG-311AD2)
Disc Rotor: 160mm front & rear, CenterLock w/CL ring, for resin pad only
Pedale: NW-91K, PP black body, w/ED steel cage, Boron ED black axle, BS reflector w/toe-clip & strap, w/instruction sheet (NW-91K, NW-T71, NW-S31)
Bremsen: M396 assembled set BL-M396L(L&R) w/o adapters, resin pad, w/rotor RT30 CL
Kassette: Deore HG50-10s, 11-13-15-17-19-21-24-28-32-36T
Schalt-/Bremshebel (STI): Deore 3x10 w/Optical Gear Display, SL- M610 w/1800-2050mm inner
Steuersatz: Orbit FSA
Gabel: XCM RL DS 27,5" 100mm w/ Remote Speed Lockout, 1.1/8" steel HT, alloy crown, coil spring w/pre-load adjust, steel 30mm stanchions, alloy lowers w/PM 160mm disc mount, 9mm QR, fixed rebound
Schaltwerk: Deore 10s, RD-M610 SGS top-normal, direct attachment Shadow Design, for 11-36T max, black
Umwerfer: Deore low clamp w/Ø34,9mm adapter, 10s, dual pull, FD-M610-B for CS angle 66/69°, for 40/42T w/18T capacity
Kette: X10 EPT, 10sp, 114 link, EPT finish
Tretlager: BB-ES300 HOLLOW-TYPE AXLE BSA 68MM-118 + BB BOLTS Chin Haur BF20-2 x2pcs (TBC)
Kurbel: FC-M523, 40/30/22T Hollowtech octalink, arms lenghts 170mm for 15,17" and 175mm for 19,21", w/o CG, black
Rahmen: Serie 200 27,5" alu
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